Doyle Turner

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let ToolMaker = {
    'name': 'Doyle Turner',
    'label': 'Digital Tool Maker'


(def tool-maker {:name "Doyle Turner"
                 :label "Digital Tool Maker"})


public class ToolMaker
    private string Name;
    private string Label;

    public ToolMaker(string name, string label)
        Name = name;
        Label = label;


public class ToolMaker{
    String Name;
    String Label;

    public ToolMaker(String name, String label)
        Name = name;
        Label = label

Projects and Demos

Some publicly available goodies and non-sense. There are many others but they are (mostly) propriatary and out of my control.

Cross Domain Connection Tool deprecated

A few years back the complexity of working with SSMS across mulitple domains prompted me to look for simplification. I wrote a small PS script to deal with the problem. A couple of things quickly became apparent:


OWASP ZAP Scanner Extension for Azure DevOps

OWASP/ZAP is a popular free security tool for helping to identify vulnerabilities during the development process from OWASP. This extension shifts scanning and reporting into the Azure DevOps Pipeline model to enable quick feedback and response from development teams throughout the development life-cycle.


Conway’s Game of Life

A TDD approach to Conway’s Game of Life implemented in multiple languages based on the original rules.


Game of Love

A bit of fun with Clojure and a reminder to not take yourself to seriously. It’s just a game